i am planning on buying a macpro 2.8 xeon (8 core) but i know that apple likes to release something new every now and then so i want to ask is this a good time to buy it, is there a new version of mac pro coming any rumors?

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  1. there is never a good time to buy a mac, there over priced, and have no abiltiy to have any major upgrades.
  2. Save the $17,000 you'd spend on a MacBook Pro.

    Send your child to college.
  3. Its safe to go ahead and buy the Mac Pro. They were just revisied in January. So its safe to go ahead and buy it. But DO NOT Buy the RAM from Apple. Save your Self Thousands
  4. After my very first Mac (PRO) 8 cores, never back to PC !!! Even Windows seems to work fine on this SUPER HARDWARE ♥ !
    I bought it because I wanted to get good hardware for my music makin and I am very satisfied with this !
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