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I've had this crazy dream for the last few weeks: how good would it be to own a 32" Samsung LE32R87BDX and a LG GGW-H20L Blu-Ray player? I could replace my monitor with this screen and enjoy playing games at 32" and could have the best movie nights around.

However I've ran into some problems... It seems the screen can only be connected via VGA to the graphics card. As well as this seemingly being worse than my preferred option of using a DVI-D connection, my graphics card (Asus 8800gt) does not have a VGA connector. And besides using VGA (I think) means that you get less resolution and worse quality due to it having to convert from digital to analog and then analog to digital.... I don’t understand it myself.

Well I ask you: what should I do? Should I get a HDTV that has DVI-D ports? Do HDTV like that exist? Could I be recommended one? Or should I go for my original plan and find some kind of VGA-DVI-D cable to use between my TV and graphics card?

Will having a VGA connection lower my video/picture quality?

Do wires exist that connect a PC directly to the HDTV port?

Sorry if all that is confusing. Simply put I just want to have a bigger screen which I can enjoy hi definition movies as well as use my PC.

Really, I'm in the dark about this kind of thing. Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Or am I going about this all wrong? Is there an easier way to connect a hdtv to a graphics card without losing quality?
  2. Actually, I may be being foolish. I just found a cable that conenct DVD-D to HDMI ports:

  3. (I don't know why the forum won't let me edit my posts...) **Would that (the cable as linked in my prior post) solve my problems and allow the very best picture quality?
  4. Your video card is capable of analog and digital. Using DVI to VGA adapter is not converting digital to analog it uses analog straight from the video card. If you use DVI to HDMI adapter then digital signal is use throughout.

    Just note that resolution you get from TV is lower than what you get in real monitor.
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