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I just bought a Dell pc207 BT keyboard, originally designed to be used with the m2010 hybrid computer. It's unusually nice, and since it's bluetooth, I want to use it with another computer...but first things first.

I have no battery.

Were the real batteries not so expensive, I wouldn't mind buying one and trying to hack it into something that can be charged, independent of the original computer.

There are 9 pins in the battery compartment, and presumably 2 of them must be V+ and ground. Just for testing purposes, I could hook up some D cell batteries as a power source...if I knew the pinout. Heck, I have dead Dell laptop batteries that appear to use the same connector, so I could even use them as donors.

So my question is this: Does anyone have the pinouts and specifications for the battery in this keyboard? I can't find it documented anywhere on the Dell site, or even a 3rd party site.

-- Chuck

P.S. If anyone has a dead battery for this thing, that I could take apart, I would be extremely grateful.
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