Good 10-15 feet HDMI cables? (On Newegg)

The reviews and specifications on Newegg for HDMI cables are confusing the heck out of me. Can anybody just give me a straight answer, and tell me what a good, quality, 1080p 10-15 foot HDMI cable is? It'll be used to hook up an HD Cable box to an HDTV, if that matters. Thanks!
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  1. Er, anyone? I apologize, but I have no clue about anything involving HDTV connections, since I've always only used composite before.

    Oh, one more thing: If I wanted to play 1080p video off my PC and watch it on my HDTV, would a DVI-HDMI cable do the job? Thanks for the help.
  2. Pretty much any 10-15' cable will do. Looking on Newegg, I'd probably go with the Link Depot one for $20. I do have a 25ft AMC VGA cable that works perfectly though.

    Concerning connections, provided your PC has a DVI port and your graphics card is capable of displaying HDCP content. Then all you would need is a DVI to HDMI cable (this assumes your HDTV does have two HDMI ports - One for the cable/satellite box, one for the PC).

    Hope this helps,
    -Wolf sends
  3. Okay, cool, thanks for the advice for both. Looks like I'll have to get ahold of another cable if I want to input my computer's audio into the TV, but that shouldn't be too much of a problem either.
  4. I know this is a bit late, but I've had great luck with cables from

    Pretty damn cheap and good quality.
    I picked up a 25' DVI to HDMI for $20.00 and a 25' optical for $6.00.

    For regular HDMI cables just make sure they are version 1.3a as they provide the best bandwidth.
  5. I've found an excellent and very inexpensive source for all my cables
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