Error on Raid1 array

I got 2x160gb disks on a mirrored raid array. They have been working just great for some months. A couple of weeks ago on a reboot i noticed the raid bios flashing:

"Incomplete Raid set! Please press <Ctrl+S> or F4 to enter...."

The controller is a Sil3112A onboard a ASUS A7N8X-Delux mobo. The array still works with no errors when booting to OS so there has been no info lost.

Entering Raid utility screen and choosing to "Rebuild" gives "Cannot rebuild" and "Resolve Conflicts" gives "There's no conflicts to resolve". I've never had physical errors on a raid array before so i wouldn't know if this is one.

How can i resolve this issue?
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  1. Quote:
    Entering Raid utility screen and choosing to "Rebuild" gives "Cannot rebuild"

    I have a different M/B than you but my Rebuild Mirrored Array Feature, has an online and offline rebuild option, if yours has the same option then select the offline rebuild option, and give it permission to do it, and it should rebuild the array.

    Mine also has a * prioritary symbol which selects the drive to rebuild from which could cause the rebuild to fail if the drive you're trying to rebuild from, is the one with the errors.

    Keep in mind I have a different M/B than you and your features may be different.

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  2. The choices featured in the Raide Utility screen are:
    - Creat Raid set
    - Delete Raid Set
    - Rebuild Mirrored set
    - Resolve Conflicts
    - Low Level Format

    Information abot disks displayed is:

    0 PM WDC WD1600SD-00GBB0 152626MB
    1 PM WDC WD1600SD-00GBB0 152626MB

    * Set 0 Sil Mirrored set 152626MB
    0 WDC WD1600SD-00GBB0 SYNC
    1 WDC WD1600SD-00GBB0 SYNC

    I can not choose which disk to rebuild from. I believe i could when first creating the array(copying from one to the other). I want to try deleting and then creating the mirrored set. I wouldn't loose data from doing so?
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