Win 7 install issues, please help!

Im trying to install Win 7 on a PC with an MSI A55M-P33 Mobo with and AMD A55 Chipset and an AMD A4 APU. Install goes fine until it asks for drivers where you select the hard drive. Only thing is when you press Browse to select a driver the hard disk appeares! So i guess isnt the SATA driver thats needed. I have downloaded all drivers from the website, and tried them all in setup, none work. Please help!!
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  1. You don't need to install drivers during installation; just skip past that step.
  2. I cant, it says a required driver is missing. There is no option of a HDD to install to, even though the HDD is in the list of devices to browse through for a driver. I have tried AHCI and IDE. I have also disables onboard Audio and LAN in bios.
  3. OK I see, are you installing Windows via CD or USB stick?
  4. DVD, Its a fresh ISO.
  5. Hmm, sorry I can't offer anything concrete but here are some things to try:

    Updating the BIOS to the latest version.
    Resetting the BIOS to default settings.
    Use a different SATA port.
    Remove any and all peripherals or non-essential hardware.

    *Attempt installation from a USB stick, it sounds like you have a bad disk.
  6. Not to worry, thankyou for your suggestions!

    Ive updated the BIOS
    Ive done that
    Ive tried that
    Done that

    Just as a side note, ive just managed to install Windows XP in IDE mode.
  7. Ah ok.

    Another couple of things to try:

    Change BIOS boot order; set the CD/DVD drive as the first boot device.
    Update & install the ITE IT8211 ATA/ATAPI Controller driver in Windows XP.
  8. I've had to put the drivers on a USB thumb drive a few times when installing Windows where the drivers weren't available from the Windows installation disk. When I get to the step, plug in the thumb drive and navigate through it until the correct driver is loaded.
  9. go to amd web page and download the newest amd chipset drivers.
    download and expand the drivers and then copy them to your usb stick. if the drivers inf files need to be expaneded and placed on the root of the usb stick. windows 7 is not that smart to go searching into other folders on a usb stick.
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