What is the Best HDTV type or specific brand to use as a monitor

I plan on getting a HDTV for console and comp use but have no idea what Type and if possible brand to use for this purpose. I have a Nvidia Gforce 7800 GT Vid card on my comp currently but I do plan on upgrading my comp in the next year or so as well. Price isn’t a large issue but anything over like $3500 is probably too much and I was thinking around high 30's to mid 40's for size. Any assistance would be wonderful!
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  1. You're going to want to stick with LCD if youre going to be using your HDTV as a computer display. LCDs are much better at holding static images than Plasmas.

    You will also want a 1080p display to maximize resolution and allow text to be as crisp as possible. For your situation the best HDTV will be a Samsung LN52A650 / LN52A750 or Toshiba's 52XV545U. (I believe the Toshiba use's Samsung LCD panel's, but you dont have to suffer through the red touch of color the Samsung's have... unless you like that sort of thing).
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