Atapi drivers for winxp? What's up?

My cd-rom acts wacky and sometimes won't open. What a pain. I was told I needed some drivers. Yes, I'm thinking about using a 9 iron on this old piece of junk. This is an old pc I was gave and only like to use it to test software e.t.c.

My os is WinXP Pro.
My cd-rom is an Atapi 52X or 56X drive.

What drivers do I need and where do I find them. I don't have a clue. I appreciate any input. Thanks in advance!

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  1. Whoever was talking to you probably was referring to adding ASPI layer drivers.

    This site may give you some answers:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">ASPI Drivers Explained</A>

    I usually install Nero, which comes with a WinXP-compatible ASPI driver.

    However, this is unlikely to correct a problem such as the CD-ROM refusing to open. That's likely to be a hardware issue. If I was in your position, I'd just replace the old optical drive with something new, and made by a reputable company. Even if you don't end up keeping the PC, you can always take out the new drive and use it in a another system later on.


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  2. Funny that you mention it being a hardware fault - my trusty old LG 32x (which has been in daily use since July 1998!) finally gave up the ghost last week. It had been on the blink for a few months (took a long time to spin up/down and tray to open), but now it just refuses to open at all.

    If your drive is old, I suspect that it's just died a natural death. A suitable opportunity to get a DVD drive perhaps? DVD-Roms and CD-RW/DVD combi drives are really cheap these days. You can even pick up a dual-layer DVD-RW for £35!
  3. My problem is already answear by the forum or the community...thanks a lot uncle toms
  4. Actually I just ran into this problem. It is the atapi.sys file that is my problem. It was causing me to have continual BSOD and the dvd drive would not open. it would cause the drive to spin up faster when I would hit the button to open the drive.

    What I have found is that there is an atapi rootkit that is particularly nasty... the only thing to do is delete it and reinstall the driver. As to where to find said driver... Well, I will continue my search.
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