ipod nano 6th generation problem

ok i got this ipod nano 8GB 1.0.1 firmware version and i have windows vista home premium sp1 641 and i dont know why this piece of crap does not recognize my ipod!!!
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  1. its kuz of the usb connections
    vista sux for that. just try a couple times
    and it should work
  2. i did... a lot of times and i couldnt do nothing, my dad's laptop did recognized it
  3. whats he got?
    just fiddle around with it and it will eventually work
    for example uninstall and reinstall itunes.
    try updating you usb drivers (usually thats not the problem because vista does it automaticalY)
    just stuff like that.

    good luck...

    PS: do you have an answer to my
    thread? i serioulsy need some help, and that would give me some boost in our friendship (the one mentioned in my thread) with that chick! lol just joking
    acctually not at all
  4. he's got windows vista home premium too
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