I have a 30 day old SAMSUNG 19" LCD Monitor, Model # 906BW.

I turned off my computer last night and all was fine. When I turned it back on all I have is a light green tint over whatever is on the screeen. That is the ONLY color that is displayed. Also, the OSD controls which are under the right side of the screen will not let me adjust the screen colors. When I get the window on the screen where the color/tint would be adjusted it just says: Not Available"?

This Monitor is designed so that there is no way of adjusting the color using the Keyboard/Mouse. While researching this problem, I have now found out that other similar Samsung Monitors (like the 226BW) utilize the "Magic Tune Premium" system that does allow for such adjustments. But, that is a seperate issue which I was unaware of when I purchased my 906BW!

However, when I toggle back and forth between Digital and Analog inputs (I only have an Analog connection to the computer) THAT little box on the screen appears in the normal and correct colors and it is NOT green?

I am in the process of swapping out the Samsung for a new replacement using Samsung's Special Warranty Program available only in the first 90 days. The replacement unit will be shipped to me tomorrow, then I will return the "defective" monitor to Samsung, all at their cost.

Now, I am thinking...what if it isn't the monitor at all? What if the problem is being caused by the HP computer/Nvidia Graphics Card/?

Can anyone give me a heads up on this problem? What could be causing this condition?

I am really getting sick of looking at the icky green screen!!

Here are some of my System Specs if that might make any difference in formulating a response:

HP Pavilion s300y
NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS 1 GB Memory

Thanks for any help anyone can provide!

Chuck Proche
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  1. It's a connection somewhere. It could be the cable, monitor, or video card. If you have an alternate input on the monitor try that with a different cable. If you have another output on the video card try that. Just mix things up as much as possible.

    Odds are there are some smashed pins.
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