Need help choosing an overall good gaming headset w/o MIC

So i have been searching the forum for awhile and i seem to have found no direct answer to what i need to know:?

Im looking for a good set of headphones that will work really well for games but still sound decent with music and movies as well as out of an ipod. And my number one priority and this is where im having the most trouble is that i DO NOT want a mic with it or at least a detachable one? ANY input is greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! budget is ~$200
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  1. My guess is that every one has their own preferense on what kind of make and model. In your case I assumed is to get an idea of what are good system aroun your budget.

    You ear is the best advisor. You have to try them so you'll which is the best for you.

    So here are some:

    Bose QuietComfort
    Bose Around-Ear
    Bose Triport

    Audio-Technica ATH-A900
    Sennheiser HD-280 Professional
    Sennheiser HD-595 Premier
    Sennheiser HD280 Silver Closed Dynamic Circum-Aural
  2. Sennheiser HD-555
  3. HD-555
  4. I use Philips SBC HP430, they are comfortable, wiring is long enough, has top cushion for top of head and not over 50 clams. Keep in mind the more expensive the headphones the more power you need to drive them. I went from sony's to these because the sony's hurt the top of my noggin. available at
  5. I recently bought a Creative FATAL1TY 3.5mm gold-plated Connector Circumaural Gaming Headset, and I really love it! It is extremely comfortable, the mic is detachable, so it won't get in the way of things, and it has superb sound quality. I doubt many people have seen or heard of it; I didn't even know about it until i did a filter on Newegg, and it came up as the best rated one on the website. I personally wouldn't buy a Bose mainly because of the price, but otherwise they are extremely good.

    So you may want to look into it as well. My friend bought a Sennheiser HD280 i believe, and he didn't like it at all. I tried it, and I didn't like it either.
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