Most of my printer use is for printing out yahoo maps, notes to friends, or what not...I realy dont need to put all of this on my inkjet printer..

Can anyone suggest a DOT MATRIX PRINTER that is somewhere in the price range of 100 or less? maybe 150 in the upper range is ok as well.

Do they make dot matrix that uses single sheets like a inkjet or am I just dreaming? want to avoid moving my computer case forward a bit to accomdate the box of papper I'll need for the printer...

I'm thinking that the cost average for a dot matrix ink cartridge is gonna be way lower than the cost of an ink jet catridge....currently I'm running on a handme down HP PHOTOSMART 7760

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  1. Dot Matrix printers are more expensive than some inkjet printers because not many of them are made.

    You can probably pickup a 9-pin printer for a little less than $200 and a 24-pin printer for just a little over $200.

    At least ribbons will be kinda cheap. They shouldn't cost more than $10 a each (I think that's a little high).
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