upconvert dvd players - SAMSUNG DVD-F1080 or PHILIPS DVP5982

i am currently trying to decide between which one of these players to invest in, they are both full 1080p upconversion and seem to have nearly identical feature sets.

Newegg Links
Samsung F1080

Phillips DVP5982

both of these players can be made region free and is a must since i own many PAL and other region dvds.

Samsung Hack

Phillips Hack

when using the manufacturers websites for more information they do not get me very far.

F1080 on Samsungs USA Site

DVP5982 on Phillips USA Site

the tv i will hooking this up to via HDMI is a Samsung LNT2653H

there is not a lot of information on the samsung model in the 2hrs of searching i have been doing.

i would like an suggestions as to which player i should purchase or if there is another possibly better player that you feel i should consider. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Oppo. Do a google search, read the reviews, look at the price. You'll be able to hold off on a Blu Ray for years with any of their players.

    Da Worfster
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