How do you tell between Samsung LCD Panels?

I bought a SAMSUNG 204BW 20" LCD Monitor from Newegg last month. Plugged it in - good color/performance for a TN panel....but there isn't a "a" or "c' or even "s" on the specify what type of panel it is?

Anyone tell where one would get that info?
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  1. You will need to do some surgery to find out. Hopefully it should be no more difficult than removing the back panel of the LCD monitor.

    Samsung's 20" LCD panel part number is LTM201UX. If the sticker on the LCD panel has that, then you will have the "S" panel. If it is a different code, then it's either the supposed "A" or "C" panel.
  2. Model Code: LS20hAWCN7/XAA

    Type No. GH20WS

    that's on the back outer kinda dangerous XX
  3. LS20hAWCN7 = The vendor model number of the product. In this case Samsung's 204BW. The LS20HAWCSQ is Samsung's 205BW monitor.

    XAA = This is most likely the factory code (or country code) the model was put together. That doesn't mean anything though.

    Suppose XAA is Korea where Samsung should have a plant that builds 20" 6-bit TN panels for LCD monitors. Those panels don't just stay within Korea, they could be flown out to several OEMs. The flip side is Samsung could be importing CMO or CPT panels from China and use them to build 204BW monitors with the XAA code because their plant cannot produce enough 20" LCD panels for Samsung to install in their own products and to sell them to other OEMs.

    If you want to know exactly what LCD panel you have, you gotta do surgery. A little too timid to do some surgery and void your warranty? Then just sit back and enjoy your LCD monitor.
  4. As for GH20WS:

    Based on research that is the size of the monitor.

    GH20WS = 20" Widescreen
    GH22WS (for the 22" 226BW) = 22" Widescreen
    GH19WS (for 19" 941BW) = 19" Widescreen
  5. Nevermind about XAA being the factory or country code. All panels seem to have that code based on my research.

    Perhaps the country code is the last 1, 2 or 3 letters of the model number.
  6. Well, it does say Tianjin, I suppose it's a china model....but that doesn't tell me anything about the panel though.....
  7. For what it's worth, the two worse panels for the 226BW are made in China by CheMei (CMO) and a company called CPT.
  8. Well....are "S" panels always made in Korea?
  9. deusex said:
    Well....are "S" panels always made in Korea?

    Like I said in a previous post, the country of origin doesn't really determine what panel will be installed because the *** plant in China could have received a shipment of Samsung or AUO panels.

    Therefore, the only way to really know what panel you have is to do "surgery".
  10. For some reason the word "a-s-s-e-m-b-l-y" is being filtered out.
  11. I dont see screws...
  12. deusex said:
    I dont see screws...

    Then the only way is to use a flathead screwdriver to pop the plastic casing open. There should be "slots" at certain points where the front and the back of the panel meet to insert the screwdriver.

    At this point, it is not worth doing surgery unless you feel real confident about your abilities. Using a screwdriver can mar those "slots" which would void your warranty. You might as well sit back and enjoy your monitor.

    Samsung has a plant in Mexico and Slovakia that makes LCD panels for computer monitors. They will be building a LCD plant somewhere in China, but the LCDs will be strictly be used for TVs.
  13. Great.....semms like samsung knows about this lottery panel stuff.....I dont want to warranty void it....argh

    Anyone else have some way to find out?
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