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i'm looking for a basic audio recording device. one where i can plug my guitar into, and a microphone. i've had my eye on this thing, i duno if its any good...

does anyone recomend a different product? my price range is around that much. i wont be planning to spend miuch more then 100 bucks plus tax unless its like 150+tax and its 10x better. i think you catch my drift. the cheaper i can go with losing minimulm quality, the better. this is just for fun, however i DO want good quality. am i making any sence?

anyway, please pros, i need some help from expereienced people!
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  1. That's good enough for now but when you have a chance check a professional recording equipment store near you and ask for used equipment. they may have something better at reasonable prices you might willing to pay.

    Check this:
  2. ah i see, thanks! i guess i'm quite commited to buying this now. if anyone has any reason for me not to, im more then open to hear!! thanks!

    another thing, im lookin for a decent microphone to plug into it hehe. just anything somewhat pro, where i wont hear muffled noises and what not. i just wanna hear clarity and stuff. ill just make another post later if i dont get any replies =)
  3. You might need to check , you can't just ask for a mic since there are to many defferent mics and there applications. condenser, dynamic, phantom, etc...

    check musiciansfriend and if you can call them or e-mail for information they will help you better.

    And if posible test the mic your self.
  4. cool thanks for the eyeopener. im guessing you know what kinda newbie question in generally asking? (hopefuly haha) id just like to know how much i should spend on a mic? also a mic cable? or idoes that vary a lot even for the vague description i gave?
  5. If you are using it for vocals then go to professional audio supply and ask for use mic and try 'em there. You should not be spending more that $100.00 for a used one. These are mic they rented and demoed.

    Condenser mic are really sensitive and are good for low voice most use by reporters. Dynamic mic is good for concert and such. Not to dismay you but to give you an idea, I think the best mic I know so far is Neumann M 149 and is a tube mic and about $4000.00 and mostly use in Recording Studio.
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