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How to open files from my external hard drive after reformat

Last response: in Windows 7
September 16, 2012 3:22:09 PM


Just recently i had to reformat my computer, i had some pretty personal documents where i placed in a password protected folder. I forgot exactly how i password protected it but to access the file i would click on a file called locker, and a black screen would open up, i would type in the password push enter and the file would appear, then to lock it i just open locker again and push "y".

I had to reformat my computer so copied all the contents that was inside the folder (and not the locker) onto a hard drive and reformmated my computer, however, now i cannot access these files. I can see them but they all say access denied due to permission rights.

I've followed all the security changes ive found and made myself the owner, set security settings to full control etc however, still cannot access these files. They are really important and was wondering if there was a way i can access them again or is there any programs that can unlock them? Ive tried all the programs similar to |unlocker"

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