this problem so annoying

Hello guys i have stupid problem tbh idont know whats wrong..
so basically im using ventrilo and at the same time in listening music in winamp volume like 1% and when i click push to talk in vent music and all kids keep saying my music so Loud and we cant hear you so its rly annoying when i cant talk in vent.. but volume its like 1%? wtf is going on maybe i need soundcard or something?or its just my mic fcked up?

p.s sorry for bad english i hope you get it
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  1. Maybe your microphone volume is tied to something else like wave volume or something. Check your audio control and try to disable Mic Boost from advance setting.

    Also turn low all volume then turn them up one at a time an see if other controls the mic.
  2. simply turn oof all ingame music and it will be fine,

    your problem is the sound driver that you use for vent is also being used for your game so when you press to talk you are sending the whole room all of your sounds that are on...
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