Where can I buy a laser pointer ?

I found this cool laser tool on youtube:

The laser line can light a match. It's expensive so I don't want to purchase on that site. Where can I find one in other places?
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  1. is a good source too.
  2. Btw, take the case off of the laser pointer and solder the resistor. The melt butter with it. But DON'T shine it in anyone's eyes, or even on their skin. It can become quite dangerous if you screw with the resistor.
  3. And if your not careful, you will blind yourself or someone else.
    Why don't you buy protective glasses as well? You just have to get glasses that block out the laser wavelength of the laser you buy.
  4. If you don't want to wear the protected goggles, you can buy a <5mw laser pens, how about this one:
  5. Probably eBay.
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