Sound card install problems

Here's my system: LAN Party UT nF3 Gb (nForce 3 250 Gb chipset); 128 MB Geforce 6800, Athlon 64 3000+, 1024 MB RAM, Win XP Home w SP 2. All hardware has the latest drivers, Windows has the latest updates. I had some time ago stopped using the onboard sound, disabled it in BIOS, and installed an SB Live 5.1 I had. It worked just fine.

My wife lovingly bought me an Audigy 2 ZS for Christmas. I uninstalled the Creative software for the Live!, which automatically uninstalled the hardware profile in the device manager.

I stuck the Audigy 2 ZS in the next to last PCI slot. During installation the CD would autoplay, then a black screen that just seemed to be missing the window that opens detailing what's being installed, etc. The task bar was still visible. I would then get a message: Exception occured: error. Then I would have to CTRL ALT DEL to get the task manager to shut the program down. A reboot was never necessary. I tried switching the card to every available PCI slot, the same thing occured.

Then, I put the Live back in, which now wouldn't install either. The error message was as follows: "error occcured while launching the setup 0x080040801" The Live had worked just fine before. The Creative knowledge base was absolutely worthless. Any suggestions to get the Audigy working would be great. I don't think it's a bad card since now the Live is doing the same thing after working before. My suspicion is the uninstallation of the Creative software didn't get rid of everything and it'ss causing problems.

Now I'm back to using onboard sound. Yikes.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. The onboard sound is not that bad, at least for me.

    Creative software just plain sux!

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  2. Actually the sound is noticibly better for the aged SB Live. Please help.
  3. Have you tried downloading the drivers? I never use the cds that come with hardware, I always go online for the latest drivers.

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  4. well u can download a program called
    Driver cleaner 3
    To make sure your putting in a fresh copy that is
    try putting the audigy in a slot that the live wasnt on
    If that doesnt work
    TRy doing a fresh install

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  5. I went to the Driver Cleaner site, all it talks about is being for ATI and nVidia cards. Will this be helpful for a sound card.

    Thanks for the idea, Folken, but stupid Creative only posts the update files. You still, from what I have read, have to use their crappy CD that contains all kinds of crap I won't use. I'm so glad Creative seems to be the only show in town.

    Someon has sugggested using a registry editor to find all instances of Creative. I'm nervous messing with the registry, can someonee give a detailed explanation? It would seem if these options don't work a system reinstall may be necessary, which i hate to do since the system is only about 3 months old.
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  6. Quote:
    The Creative knowledge base

    That's definitely an oxymoron.

    I'm so glad Creative seems to be the only show in town.

    I hope that was said with a note of sarcasm. Hopefully they will die like the dinosaurs.

    I use <A HREF="
    " target="_new">this</A> registry cleaner. Just run it and if there are any Creative registry entries left over just delete them.

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  7. I just noticed something after uninstalling the card. Autoplay no longer works on my DVD drive. Also, you can explore a CD, but audio ones now don't play, and when I tried playing Doom 3, it wouldn't start. The drive would try and access the disc, but nothing would happen. This is new. When I tried to install the Audigy drivers earlier the same thing was occuring. Any ideas? It is a newer LiteOn DVD drive Model SOHW 832S. I uninstalled the Creative software, so I assume installing the Creative Disc Detector patch would be useless.
  8. Black Cat, thanks for the link. I cleared all the entries for Creative that came up. The DVD drive still is not functioning properly. The autoplay worked for Far Cry and Civ III, but wouldn't for Doom3 and won't play audio CDs. So it would seem the problem may lie in the drive. I have my old CD ROM drive, I'll hook that up to see if there are any changes.
  9. I just bought the Audigy 2ZS to replace my SB Live! 5.1. Your story is not encouraging. I may just take the darn thing back.

    I assume you have checked properties of the Lite-on to make sure you have reset the autoplay features for the new codecs that get loaded? And you have enabled CD-audio? And have updated firmware for the Lite-on?

    I would like to know how this all turns out for you.


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  10. Actually, what had happened was the IDE controller settings were changed from UDMA to PIO. There had been a disc inserted that caused too many errors so Windows changed the setting without letting me know. I switched the setting back and all is well. The Audigy qorks wonderfully. There is even a difference on my 2.1 setup from my old SB Live. I guess I'm glad I didn't yell too much at Creative.
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