Left sound channel having problems.

I just noticed there's no sound coming from my left speaker. I have this

I turned off the power to the speakers, then plugged it back in and both speakers worked. Then I cranked the volume up a bit and the left cut out and won't come back.

Any ideas? This is a speaker/amp problem, not a sound card issue right? There's still a warranty on the speakers I think. :mad:

Oh and I know the left speaker isn't blown because if I switch the plugs on the back of the amp, the left speaker still works.
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  1. Check the wires first. Make sure they're all connected securely. While your speaker is playing wiggle the wires, it maybe a broken wire inside the jacket. If that's ok, check the input/source wire/s with the same process.

    Next try to unplug the sub from the power outlet let it set for a mimute then plug it back in. If still no sound, then your amp left channel is damage.
  2. ^

    Thanks I already tried wiggling the wires and everything is connected securely. I'll see what I can do.
  3. I put my ear up to the left speaker and there actually is sound coming from it, but it's very very soft.

    Any ideas?
  4. If you know that the source signal is comming into the speaker just fine and both left and right sattelite are fine then it's either the preamp or the power amp of the your logetech system is damage. and if you still have the warranty then my suggestion is to call logetech for service.

    But the way you discribe the problem is that is lilkely the power amp is blown. My guess is the power IC or capacitor.
  5. Why do I keep typeping logetech and not logitech. :)
  6. ^

    Yeah thanks. There's a year left on my warranty, so I'll get this fixed.
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