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Ok posting this here because I didnt see the appropriate place to put it, I gave my 8 year old son my old HP to play/ learn on, the other night he was on some kind of pokemon site and save a pic to the desktop, 2 problems 1st hes not supposed to save, download anything w/ out my approval, 2nd I cammot get rid of the desktop pic/ background through >properties > desktop... in short no matter what I do the "pokemon" desktop refuses to go away, any advice? this gawdy pic needs to go!
tnx in advance.
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  1. You've got malware. Uninstall any recent programs you did not install.

    Download Webroot Spy Sweeper, free version shows suspicious files but you have delete the infected files manually.


    After getting rid of malware/spyware download CCleaner and Spybot S&D. Uninstall webroot if you don't need it anymore and install CCleaner first RUN Cleaner and Registry.

    Install Spybot with Tea Timer follow installation instruction and Imunize your system. Spybot will prevent new changes to the registry unless you allow it to run.


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