Dell Dimension 4600 (device managers errors)

Hi all,

I'm trying to help a friend with some computer problems. My first advice was buy a new one. Absent of that, he'd just as soon like to fix this one...

The overall computer speed is much much slower than I would expect it to be for a 2.8 cpu, so I'm hoping that it is related to one of the errors shown. I update his video drivers and the chipset drivers, but there was no change.

Any thoughts on what the two errors might be and how to fix them?

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  1. I'm almost positive you didn't install the drivers in the correct order. A lot of times that causes problems.

    I've learned this through calling dell that there is an order of drivers to be installed and they must be installed in this order:

    Dell Desktop/Notebook System Software

    Everything after that doesn't matter. I'm willing to bet you installed video first then chipset?
    BTW, there is no Dell Desktop System Software for the 4600's as they are too old.
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