Migrating from one HD to another

I installed Windows 7 on a clean new HD as my old laptop failed. I have the old HD and a bay to install it on the new laptop. How can I migrate all of my stored info on the old HD to the new one? I hope this is making sense here. The laptop is a HP Pavillion if that makes any difference.
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  1. Install the old drive as a second drive.
    Drag the files off the old drive, onto the new drive.
  2. U will find most of your files under c:\users\<your user name> if that helps. Click through the folders and copy the files you need. Some other info, like your mail config is spread all over the system and difficult to find. I don't know a way to migrate that from one disk to another in one step. If you miss any file / config, come back and ask.
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