Which type of windows 7 for gaming?

If im building a gaming desktop which windows 7 version should i get?

home premium or professional?
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  1. Just go with Home Premium, Professional offers nothing of benefit to gamers for the extra cost.
  2. I would use professional.
    I think premium is a waste of money.
  3. soundguruman said:
    I would use professional.
    I think premium is a waste of money.

    Makes zero sense to me, please elaborate. Does the extra cost for Professional benefit his tasks in any way?(Things like XP Mode would be good if he's into older games, but otherwise, i don't see the justification).

    BTW OP here's a compre and contrast chart of the different features in the Windows 7 line: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/products/compare?T1=tab15
  4. If I were building a gaming rig I would use
    64bit professional
    In Europe the price difference between
    Premium and professional is about €40
    On a gaming rig costing upwards of €1000 it adds little to the overall cost and it
    Is nice to know if I decide to pull out an old game I can play it.

    But from a gaming point of view XP mode is the only benefit of professional
    Is that worth €40 to you?
    If not go with premium
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