which 30" ? dell or samsung?

Hi, i am quite unsure of which screen to get, either the dell 3007wfp-hc or the samsung sm 305t since my supplier only gets these 2 30" screens (ocuk). I am leaning towards the dell since its around 150 sterling cheaper and supports hd whereas the samsung doesnt, although im willing to spend more if the samsung is way better.

I dont really need hd much but i suppose it would be good especially for the near future, plus its always handy i suppose. Ive gone through a few forums and its said that the samsung has better image quality and is the better screen (also, i wont be calibrating the dell whereas the samsung comes ready calibrated).

All i do really is normal pc use (movies, browse the net bla bla..) and i only play wow so i guess my 8800gtx should manage that much.

Any help would be highly appreciated, especially if someone has seen them both first hand

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  1. The Samsung SM-305t is pretty new so there aren't any reviews of them yet. However, the following site indicates that this monitor uses a S-PVA panel:


    While S-PVA panels are good for colors accuracy and blacks. They are generally outclassed by S-IPS panels (and their derivatives). The Dell 3007WFP uses a S-IPS panel and I would not hesitate to choose it over the Samsung.
  2. Thanks for the info, didnt consider that at all, think il go for the dell although id like to hear an opinion of someone who has seen one in action, uncalibrated preferably
  3. I can't speak for the 30" but I purchased a Dell 24" about a month ago and the performance is great. Mostly I have been gaming and watching movies on it and the quality is fantastic. I used it uncalibrated for a while. Recently I adjusted the brightness down.
  4. Click the following link to Hardforum.com who's Display forum section is much more active than THG's.

    Is the 3007WFP-HC the ultimate all-around LCD?
  5. I've never used Samsung monitors and have never had an issue with the 4 monitors I've had from Dell. I think the 3007WFP gets my vote.
  6. thank you sooo much guys, looks like il go with the dell then :) seems like the best choice and its cheaper too
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