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First of all, great site. I've been around for quite a while now although never got round to signing up until now.

Now I'm pretty good with most electrical kit however when it comes to cables and wiring I just panic, so im here looking for some of you smart folk to help me out. My plan is to have a 22" TV/Monitor with a 360, PS3 and PC plugged into it. Now would I be right that the best method would be having the 360 and PS3 using HDMI and the PC using DVI :??:

If im wrong I'd really appreciate the help. Also I would like some advice on which TV/Monitor to get. Ive been looking at this one

And for people that dont like reading full sentences -

-Wanting 360, PS3 and PC in one TV
-Looking for HD TV that would be capable of the above
-Help :)

Finally, I'm in England if that helps anything, and if you'd like to imagine me in a manor drinking tea, then sure...have a ball.
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  1. I don't know too much about TV monitors, so I don't know if the one you're looking at is a good one. I keep hearing (here in these forums) about "good" monitors have 178 degree viewing angles. Maybe someone else can help clear that up (and maybe provide a link?).

    As for how to connect devices, I'd say you have it right. Use the two HDMI ports to connect your PS3 and XBox and the DVI port to connect your PC.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Thanks for the confirmation on that mate. Anyone got advice on the TV?
  3. Hi guy,
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