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Hello, i just got Logitech X 530 speakers. So i wen't on to "install" them. But only 2 of the 6 speakers will play, both in games and when i listen to music. So i looked it up on the internet, and it turned out that vista doesn't support surround sound. The only way to have the surround sound work on my computer is to get a Creative highend soundcard. That can use the program ALchemy (enables surround sound for vista). So my question is, is there anyway that i can make my (5.1) surround sound work without getting a Creative soundcard?. Might there be an issue that i have overlooked?.
And if not, what Creative soundcard should i choose? :).
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  1. you've nearly got it, alchemy only translates eax instructions into openal ones due their not being a dxsound anymore.

    this does not affect normal usage, only games that use eax(most of them).

    obviously, unless some sort of 3d surround option is available normal music will play out of only 2 speakers.

    if you had a surround sound source and the apporpriate software, then it should work fine. i am assuming you have an onboard audio solution that supports 5.1 audio. what options are available in it's own software?
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