How proprietary or upgradable/universal are HPs & Dells

Hello All.

I’m thinking about buying either an HP Pavilion such as the HP Pavilion Elite M9150F: Core 2 Quad Q6600 (2.40GHz) 3GB DDR2 720GB NVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT Windows Vista Home Premium or a similarly loaded Dell XPS 420 model.

I built my last computer and I was also considering building my new one instead. But given the great deals on some of the recertified prebuilts as well as some of the outlet models, I have to consider buying prebuilt this time.

My question is, how proprietary or upgradable/universal are the prebuilt HPs and Dells these days? Can the components and maybe even the software be transferred to a more universal case and new motherboard down the line if desired? What about things like the TV Tuner and the 15 in 1 card reader? Are they useable in other systems? Some of the more affordable prebuilts have many of the features I would put in a homebuilt system, but not all. For example, with the HP Pavilion Elite M9150F mentioned above, ideally I would prefer 4GBs of ram, a bigger power supply, a better video card, and a Q9450 processor (2.66Ghz, 12MB L2 cache). I can live without the faster processor and faster FSB, but say next year I decide to transfer the components into a bigger case and use a better, more expandable motherboard. How doable is that? Or will I find that HP and Dell components are limited to the original case, motherboard, and proprietary software drivers?

Thanks to any and all who take their time answering this. I appreciate it.
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  1. Not sure about HP, but I know the better Dells (basically, any one of them marked as a gaming desktop, such as the XPS 630 or 730) use almost entirely standard, interchangeable components.
  2. Thanks cjl.
  3. If u r going to change it all, build your own.

    Proprietory - not as bad as used to be - but they use a lot of compromise hdwe - read old ish.

    I would never buy HP or Dell - never - and a refurb - bad idea.

    They are liars.
  4. Thanks ZootyGray.

    I hear good and bad about recertified. I built my last computer four years ago and it's still faster than anything at my job. So, I'm definitely considering building again.
  5. Well then do your research and build it. It's the only way to achieve any control over what's in the box - and it makes upgrading easier too. Maybe your oldie can upgraded - maybe there's something that can be used in new build. Kb, mse, mon? :) Extra power cords :) :)

    I would encourage you to get out of this section of forums - I don't usually read much about people's problems with (XbrandX) because I have to read all this junk to find out what they have/don't have in the first place. This is for prople who don't know, and believe tv ads, and read newspapers and believe the news.
    If u built b4, it's all the same; just new tekspeks.
    I am waiting for the next set of AMD chipsets/mobos. My new vid will be ati HD4850. Pow supply approx 600watts. ANy HDD, ram, etc. Use old mse, kb, mon :) My current system is really bad junk - a gift cos my old pc died - haha it was a P3 w big vidcard - I think Doom3 killed it. Or FarCry. Capacitor leakage :)
    But I know enough to get by with garbage - only, I am a lil tired of that and want a semi-performance box - nothing like $$$$ "bleeding edge of technology" stuff. Just a neat lil rocket - zoom :)
    And it's a thing about "I did this" and I will own what I put together and I will make it work and enjoy the experience. Or, I could just buy something, and then start improving it - same process at that point - so take control and gitter done.
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