Pioneer HDMI Problems

I own a Pioneer plasma, an lx70 blu ray, lx70 amp and Pioneer 500 gig hard drive. (Plus kef speakers and subwoof) The problem is the lx70 amp arrived today and the manual is far from helpful on HDMI set up. I got blu ray to plasma and sound working but no subwoofer! Even with sub cable in.

I have not used svid or jacks or toslink - as I thought that was the entire point of having HDMI cables and inputs.

Has anyone any advice on what to do? The optimum way to set all this up. Its driving this Brit crackers!
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  1. Have your turned the sub on in the amp's settings? Some default to off. My Onkyo did.
  2. Also you may have to setup the disc player to output properly thru the HDMI. Does the sub work on other sources?
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