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zeroing the sata hardrive

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January 4, 2005 1:55:13 AM

Please help, I have a bad install on a Seagate 80 gig sata.
I have an Abit kv7 with via kt600 chipset.
I am trying to install xppro.
I would like to zero the hardrive to remove all.
I down loaded the last via raid drivers.
The bios reconizes it, a ata with xppro show 80gigs, I configure it as the first boot device to acess the sata.
I remove the ata as soon as i have run the tools or checked it, and reconfig the bios.
I used the Seagate tools to reformat it to 80 gigs.
but when i try to install xp pro it shows 76 gigs.
I delete the partion and format and F6 the drivers, but it will not start the install process. It boots to cd every time. Do I need to create a boot disk with the 3rd party drivers and a program that will zero out the drive or ?

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January 4, 2005 5:08:25 AM

76GB sounds a little low but it is possible. You will never have the rated amount of space on a hard drive, it will always be less. It is a really really simple calculation to see why but for some reason it isn't coming to me at the moment. It is to late at night, I shouldn't be allowed to think this late, lol.

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January 4, 2005 7:49:08 AM

You have to set the boot order, CD first, SATA second. Some boards don't have the SATA setting and treat the controller as a SCSI controller. So then it would be CD first, then SCSI. When you reboot, it should say "press any key to boot from CD" and if you don't press a key, it should attempt to boot from the drive.

As for the drive, it's not really 80GB. Normally it would be roughly 80,000,000,000 bytes. If you divide by 1024 3 times, you get the actual size of 74.5GB. They round up, they round down, so it's never going to be exactly 80,000,000,000 bytes to begin with.

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January 4, 2005 8:45:48 AM

Just add the floppy as my first and that is the bios order.
I get to the boot from cd and it does not give me the cd....
when you do not press any key, it just boots anyway.
any ideas about the zeroing of the disk?
I will verify that I have the latest ver of bios