Help my acer!!!

I have an acer 5630 with a problem:

when i boot to a disc to format the computer this is the message i recive:

TRAP 0000000D===========GENERAL PROTECTION FAULT=============
tr=0028 cr0=00000011 cr2=00000000 cr3=00000000

gdt limit=03FF base=00017000 idt limit=07FF base=00017400

cs:epi=0008:0030187E ss:esp=0010:00071F5D errcode=0000

flags=00010002 NoCy NoZr IntDis Down TrapDis

eax=0000000F ebx=0030139D ecx=00304BAE edx=0000000A ds=0010 es=0010

edi=2610140F esi=00024557 ebp=oo32915B cr 0=00000011 fs=0030 gs=0600

>Any ideas of what this is, or what it means? thanks guys!
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  1. hey problem fixed so no worries
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