Camera that went Swimming

I went swimming with the camera in my pocket. Ok, I feel in a ditch and went under. The camera still works, well it tries to work. the lens wants to come out but doesn't quite make it. I have the camera apart, but wanted to know if anyone knows how to get to the extender for the lens. I think it's just dirty and wants to be clean. Deep cleaning is what I need to do.

I have the casing off the LCD disconnected and it doesn't look to bad.

do I remove the lens by going in the back or is there a clip in the front that I can't see?
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  1. go to a good camera shop and let them repair it
  2. Your right the name of the rapair shop is Garbage can. I took it apart and holy ta lido lots of parts. I had the camera for a long time and I take a lot of photos(my hobby). It has been in the shop a couple of times and they fixed it with no payment. This time with the mud and all not worth it.

    Thanks for the response.
  3. Hi my digital camera got drenched in rain ... now its trying to work but not effectively functioning... what am i to do? could anyone help me out?
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