How to increase the size of drive c for windows 7

how can i extend c drive in widow 7 which is my root drive, without format
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  1. Is there more unallocated space on the drive? Then goto disk management, click on the c partition and extend it. If there is no more space on the drive, you need to buy a bigger one and clone the old one to the new, for example with acronis.
  2. :lol: You can compress the drive if it is NTFS file-system. But you will not be able to gain much, a few GB's at most.

    In Explorer, right click the drive -> Properties , look for Compress drive tick box at bottom, and tick it. Click apply.

    It will take a while, so do it when you not goin to need the PC for an hour to several hours.

    But like noidea_77 said, it is best to buy a bigger GB drive.
  3. If you have other partititions they can be re-sized or deleted to create unallocated space for 'C' to be expanded into, but best done with free downloadable software. I use Easeus Partition Master as it's easy to use
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