Sync library to SD card from WMP into a specific directory?

Heya :)

I have a minor but irritating little problem I just can't seem to cure.

I have an LG phone with an mp3 player. It uses the little SDMicro chips. I also have a card reader in my PC.

I have my music library all set up to sync with this card, everything works fine, except that by default, windows media player creates a folder on the chip called MUSIC and syncs all my music to that folder. The problem is, the phone needs the folder to be called my_music.

Now yes, I know I can just move the music to the right folder, but I keep forgetting to do it, and the phone won't play music that isn't in the expected folder.

Is there any way to tell windows media player what folder to sync TO? All I can find is a setting to make it not create a folder at all. If I do that, all the music goes to the root of the SD chip, and I still have to remember to manually copy it all to the my_music folder before I put the chip back into the phone.

Hope this makes sense, and even more that there's a solution.

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  1. I don't use WMP but all the Microsoft products as others somewhere has a setting to not use the default folder and to designate the one you want to use. There should be a setting to always ask where to download somewhere. If WMP doesn't have such as setting, I'd really think about using a different program.
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