Sennheiser USB166 Heaphones Sound Inverted

Hello, I have a problem with my PC166's that I purchased a few days ago. The sound seems to be playing in the opposite of ear of what it should be.

For example, in Call of Duty 4, if someone is to the right of me and makes a noise, it will play in the left earphone.

Even in Windows configuration, I can make it play a sound in (supposedly) the left ear, and the sound will play in the right.

My OS is Windows Vista Home Premium, my sound driver is Realtek 97'AC, and my headphones are Sennheiser PC166 USB.
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  1. Just reverse the headphone.
  2. I saw that answer and I have to admit I did lol. Such a simple fix..

    Problem obviously if they are comfort fit headphones, ergonomically designed to fit different ears. If its really bothering you cut the wire and solder it back again in reverse. Although I wouldn't recommend it if the headphones cost anything much.

    Alternatively, IDK what sound card you have, but there might well be some software that came with it? If so check for an option to reverse stereo, it's a fairly basic option.
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