HP Pavilion a1440n --- HELP

I was playing a game, then quit, walked away, and came about an hour and a half later. The computer was in hibernate mode, like usual. I tried to wiggle the mouse and tap on the space bar on my keyboard... it didn't wake up.

I then did a hard reboot... holding the power button in for 10 seconds. I waited a little and turned it back on. The monitor was blank and all I heard was the fan flipping out going crazily fast.

I dunno what I can do to fix it. I'm really angry. Please help! : /

Computer is similar to this

Only thing I have added to it is a GeForce 8600 GTS Nvidia Video Card

Thanks in advance for your help!

EDIT: I have tried taking the CSON Battery in and out... that didn't help...
Also tried to reset the BIOS .. Don't know if they had any effect... doesn't seem like it.
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  1. Maybe your bios is set back to default = the onboard video is the default source to hang a monitor on. Have you tried that onboard vga port (if there is one)?
    Clearing bios can be done by setting a jumper over 2 contacts on the mainbord, for 10-20 seconds, than place the jumper back to it's original setting.
    If to no avail, disconnect everything (drives, memory sticks but one - reseat that one too) so you can start with the mainboard, processor and one memory bank filled first. If nothing, change memory stick. If still nothing, get the processor out and check that for burn marks on the die. No warranty?
  2. Yeah I think the mobo fried.. So I just took it back and hope to get it fixed.. (had a warrenty) Thanks for the help though.
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