MEMORY_MANAGEMENT BSoD after installing AMD FX-8150 and updating BIOS

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I recently bought a new AMD FX-8150 and installed it on my ASUS m5a97 mobo which has 24GB of ram. 2x4 and 2x8 of DDR3. Everything was moderately fine before I replaced my old CPU (AMD Phenom II x3) with the AMD fx-8150. After that, I couldn't play some of my games because apperently I needed to update my BIOS, which i recently did.

thats when things got weird. I keep getting blue screens, mainly memory management so I ran a standard and extended windows memory diagnostic test and came up with no errors. I have not done prime or 86+ yet. I, personally, think there are some instability issues here despite the fact the cpu is on the supported list for my asus mobo.

Also some other weird things have happened. My google chrome crashed in such a way that it corrupted my profile and i had to reinstall it and it would not save the favicons in my bookmarks bar. my xfire kept crashing, too. when i try uploading a file to the internet and browse to DESKTOP via a windows explorer window, chrome crashes. I've ran a full malyware scan with no threats and cleaned by registry with CCleaner, i do not know what else to do. I don't think reformatting will help since i believe this to be a hardware error.
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  1. Check memory speed in BIOS to make sure it correct to the type and speed of memory you are using.
  2. Try running the 2x4GB or the 2x8GB kits alone instead of together.

    I did a Google search on a part of your BSOD report, maybe something that I found will also help:
  3. Also, I recommend that you try re-installing Windows. You sometimes need to do that when you update the BIOS.
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