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I'm looking to get a 32" HDLCD for bedroom. This is mainly for my PS3, BluRay and watching TV. I will however have it setup to my computer but I won't use it as much since my desk will face the opposite way where the TV is being placed (bad bedroom design). Which one is better for a main PS3/cable TV/BluRay and secondary PC monitor and why?

Sharp AQUOS 32" 1080p LCD HDTV w/Vyper Drive Game Mode LC-32GP1U


TOSHIBA REGZA 32" 1080p Full HD LCDTV w/ Cinespeed - 32RV530U I absolutly have to get a 1080p on a 32" or will a 720p be good since it is a 32"?
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  1. There are a couple more that I'm considering as well:

    SHARP AQUOS 32" 16:9 6ms 1080p LCD HDTV LC32D64U

    and lastly

    SAMSUNG 32" 1080p LCD HDTV - LN32A550
  2. I have the Sharp Aquos 32" GP1U (viper drive) and its a fantastic screen. I use it on my PC. One thing that bugs me though is the automatic contrast adjustments it does, but it can be turned down to where its not Noticeable.

    720p wont look good for 32" 1-3 ft away from it. Image a 32" 1024x768 screen... Yuck. 1080p is perfect for text and screen space. I do know that red text can be hard to read on this screen though. Aside from those two small things, its a fantastic screen.
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