Setting up a 1TB fileserver

I want to know which would be the best/cheapest way to setup a 1TB fileserver (on a 100mbps network) for video file storage.
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  1. 4 250GB drives in JBOD in some old cheap system, and some inexpensive RAID card that supports JBOD.

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  2. I would consider using RAID 5, so that your server can survive the death of a single drive.

    Read the article on modifying XP to create a software Raid 5 array.

    This weekend I am buying a fourth $120 WD1200JB for $40 (after $60 rebate) for my software Raid 5 array.

    Why. Because I am too cheap to spend $90 for a RAID 5 controller and I am too lazy to backup 320 GB as often as I should. :)
  3. Best way = 5x 250gb HDs on a 3Ware 9500S-8MI in a raid5. There really isn't a good way to back up that much data so redundancy is a good idea. I'm sure there are cheaper sata raid5 controllers out there but 3ware cards are all true hardware raid controllers, that is usually better :)

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