Mitsubish WS-73905 HDTV compatibilty with Directv HR-21 dvr

I have a Mitsubishi WS73905 HDTV, purchased about 9 years ago. I have Directv as my program provider. Previously I had an RCA HD receiver. It had a DVI output and the input at the HDTV split in to 5 components (YPrPbHV). Now I have a new Directv DVR (HR21) as required by them to receive all of the new HD stations. The outputs on the new receiver are HDMI and 3 component outputs. The TV does not have a HDMI input. It has component only. The problem is that the new HD Receiver only has 3 component outputs (YPrPb). Will this output work with the Mitsubishi that has those three inputs plus the two HV sync signal inputs. There must be a solution. Can anyone help? Thanks. Dave.
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  1. It will work fine. Your old box put out DVI/VGA output which was split up into separate connectors (it was not YPrPbHV but RGBHV.
    The new box puts out YPbPr so you only need regular component cables (3 RCA). I believe that you can select this in the menu of the Mitsu TV. It's been a while since I saw one but it is in there. Check the owner manual or just look around.
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