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Hey guys!

not to sure where to start on this one so here goes :)
i built my computer in late october and from day one (i think not 100% but close) there has been a high pitched whine in my speakers when turned up close to the max, strange thing is, is that when i move my mouse or drag a window around the screen the noise changes tone and volume depending on the situation, and completely dissapears when in the menu of a game e.g counter strike, leading me to think its a graphics issue to some degree.

Realtek HD audio onboard <- latest drivers
Abit ip35 pro/ Q6600
BFG 8800 GTS 320mb
OCZ 600w PSU
razer deathadder mouse(dont think this is really going to be a cause but just incase)

I didnt mention the speakers as there not any particular brand but this noise didnt appear on my old rig, other than that they are plugged in the rear jack. ive read so many forums so far and all have had slightly different situations to mine so i thought i would try here :) thanks for any replies in advance there much appreciated as im stumped.[][/]
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  1. as unlikley as it seems to me evidence is pointing mainly towards the mouse :O, i firstly unplugged it the noise in the speakers was reduced almost fully slight whine but seemed more like just due to volume of speakers, i then changed usb slot to a one further from the audio part and the consistent whine dissapeared but when moving the mouse it returned if anything even more clear.
  2. Try a different mouse, which may help. If you are playing your speakers at/near max volume, you'll get distortion especially given all the electricity in a computer that can cause noise/distortion. Your best bet would be to get a better set of speakers that you don't have to go much above 50% or so to get the volume you want. Tough enough to get clean sound from a computer let alone maxing the speaker volume
  3. i'll try that thanks alot g-paw!
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