need help connecting pcsurround sound speakers to tv

ok heres the deal.I have had these speakers for years and have hardly ever used them for my pc,en
and now i want to use them on my new HDTV which is this

is there a way to connect it to my tv as the speakers or no?
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  1. It appears your TV has audio out although you may need an adapter to get the likely red/white out of the TV to match up with the input on your speakers. Speakers didn't show cables/inputs so I'm only guessing.
  2. so would i just take the red/white/yellow cables and put them correspondingly into the tv and if i were to do that what about the other speakers ie. subwoofer
  3. Yellow is video which means your looking at an input. Your TV should have a red/white audio out. Usually pretty clearly labeled as such.
  4. It's likely the TV will not be able to power the speakers. Not sure why but you can't seem to power computer speakers off TV/receivers. If you want better audio than the TV speakers, you're likely going to have to get a receiver and speakers, for TV/movies a sub is almost essential. Even running stereo speakers it'll sound better. You should be able to run external speakers from the TV but the quality won't be the same a receiver. For receiver/speaker/sub in stereo probably about $500 - $600 and $800-$1000 for surround. You can run your sound card through the receiver is you want
  5. Those speakers are 5.1. Your TV probably won't have 5.1 surround sound output connections. You could get an inexpensive receiver for around $150 or less from someplace like best buy that should be able to power them. I would talk to someone at the store and maybe bring one of them in with me. Its possible the speakers have plug in type connections that you may have to slice off and feed into the receiver red/black wire connections?
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