so i won a dell...

I'm an avid ebay user... anyhow, today i was looking at my ebay and realized I won a Dell optiplex 745. I think my winning bid was just over $200 (what a steal!) +15 shipping.

now before you get the wrong idea... this is probably between 50th and 60th dell i've ebayed for mostly resale, some office use.

anyhow :

3.4 ghz Pentium D
ram... idk.
80gb hd
vista ultimate w\ coa...
ati x1300 for dual displays

i'm going to take the 4gb of patriot ddr2 out of my old computer and put it in here.

This is a little more expensive then the other dell i won last week for $100 w\ free shipping.
but when i went to pay i saw that he had no feedback and was in the phillipines... then he sends me an email asking to paypal to an email address other then his ebay account...

3 red flags = no money.
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  1. I got the computer today.... and it came w\ a vista untimate (upgrade) 32/64 retail !

    jajajaja, i was pretty excited when i took it out but when i unwrapped it i saw it was the upgrade and not full version. still.... sells for $185 on newegg and i got the computer for under $250.

    computer tried to ''resume'' but then was just hanging out probably because of so little ram w\ vista going, and resume.... if you save your state to ram and only have 1gb... probably use it all anyhow.
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