GPS update or System Upgrade

GPS update or System Upgrade
I have GPS Portable Navigation device ( it does not say what model except on the back there is a sticker reading YF-043B ) . I got with it a 2GB SD card, and on it igo 8 GPS Navigation Software . It was working fine for 6 months, but when I transfer some music from my computer, and put the card back in the slot, and started unit, I got message "Welcome to use this GPS system ! Firstly please check whether Update package exist validly in the SD Card." When I pres O.K. I get message " Fail to read update package". If I pres Cancel button it would restart, and getting same message over, and over again. Can anyone help Thanks Stjepan.
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  1. you may have compromised the memory card. You may have formated it.. becareful especially if you use one of those readers/adapters... Contact the manufacturer or check online for the maker's website if the software is availabe but it will be difficult to know if you can't get the product information..
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