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I am using a Logitect mouse. Its not the newest version or anything, just a basic mouse. I think its Logitect PS/2 but who knows. Now, is the mouse messed up or something? Almost once every other minute, it randomly goes straight up to the left or down to the right. Its a wireless mouse and the reciever is less than a foot away. Whats wrong?

My mouse driver version is 9.79.The batteries are good. Speed is 50% and acceleration is low.
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  1. What kind of surface are you on?

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  2. just a flat slightly hard surfarce. AT&T circular pad. Itsa acually pretty hard but its bendable
  3. Does it do it when you are actuall holding the mouse? or is it when it is just sitting there idle?
    My neighbor said he was having a similar problem but it turned out to just be the slant of his desk moving the mouse just slightly in that direction :)
    Is it a cordless mouseman optical from logitech? I seem to remember mine doing something like that when I had one. I had gotten the Cordless elite duo a while ago. The keyboard still works good but I ditched the mouse a while ago. It was a referb system so I assumed it was just broken, maybe it is an actual hardware/software flaw.

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  4. happens when i move it alot for games. thats why im getting a razor dimondback if i cant fix this problem.
  5. I think a razor or logitech MX510 would be the way to go, those old wireless mice are terrible for gaming. Ever since I had that mouse I've stayed away from wireless mice. I wish logitech would make a wired version of that MX1000, I'd buy a bunch of them. The lower power consumption would make them ideal for a laptop mouse and of course an extreme gaming mouse :)

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