help recommend a TV tuner!

I'm quite new to the live media aspect of computing, and going off to college, i need a TV tuner for my desktop.

It must have:
PCI interface
both a coaxial input and RCA inputs
be reliable
have no dongles

I'd like it to have:
a remote
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  1. This Tuner Card seems to fit the bill and you can add this remote to complete the project.

    I have the PCI-E version of the tuner card and it works admirably. I do use the linked remote with Windows MCE 2005 (haven't tried it with Vista) and after about 15 minutes of use it was second nature, but it might go against your "No dongles" requirement.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Ah, i forgot to mention I'm using windows XP SP3, so the remote is a no-go...and it seems that so is the tuner.
  3. Unfortunately, that was the only card I saw on Newegg that had the RCA Input connections. Might I ask why they're needed?

    -Wolf queries
  4. I'd like to copy old VCR tapes and some DVD's to my hard disk, without using images (they're just too big).

    I found this one -
  5. Well, most (if not all) VCR's came with a Coax video out and for the DVDs I'd probably suggest getting a DVD-ROM drive.

    Heh... That's the same tuner I linked, just the retail version.

    -Wolf sends
  6. Hm. One says that it supports XP, the other doesn't. Comes with different drivers maybe? Dunno.
    I have plenty of dvd-rom drives, that's not what I want. I hate carrying around media and having it end up damaged and unreadable. I want them all on my hard disk. I have made DVD images for years, but they're just too large per disk to use practically when you have lots of movies. 5GB for one movie? Bah. I don't want to lose a whole lot of quality. I figure this is best vs. divx.
  7. Well, I haven't actually tried to record anything using mine, so I couldn't tell you how large of a file it will create (I can try that tonight). I do know, using my old ATI All-In-Wonder X1800XL to record a three hour TV movie took close to 10Gig (stored in it's raw format).

    -Wolf sends
  8. Hm. Well, I want a TV tuner,

    I guess I can forgo the RCA in if need be...but I'd like to only if the TV tuners that are alternateves are significantly better. Are there any you know of that are the 4850's of the tuner world?
  9. Not having ever owned one, I can't say how much better the ATI 650s are (though I hear plenty of praise about them). I'm certainly pleased with my AVerMedia PCI-E Combo and the only complaint I have against my All-In-Wonder is the re-installation of the software every time I update the drivers for it.

    I was sort of looking forward to the HD All-In-Wonder card that was supposed to come out last month, but decided against it.

    -Wolf sends
  10. I'll probably go with the avermedia card. I'll research a bit more though. Thanks a lot budd!
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