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Hello All, I have been experiencing a problem that has occurred out of nowhere on my HP TouchSmart Tx2-1377nr laptop. I’ll go step by step on what happens when I turn it on:
1.Standard Boot Screen occurs
2. “Windows Error Recovery” Screen. On this screen I have two options, launch startup repair or start windows normally.
2a. If I start the startup repair it shows a loading files screen then I am met with the backround of my login screen. No user accounts are shown and all I can control from this screen is my cursor. After a couple seconds, a command prompt window flashes and disappears and from there on I’m stuck on this screen till I unplug the battery or emergency shut off.
2b. If I start windows normally the 4 color loading animation starts. Then the computer just bluescreens, and restarts and I’m sent back to step 1.
I’ve tried a lot of things. I’ve started it in safe mode, done every option off F8, done a lot with my BIOS, and tried reinstalling windows off the windows installation disk. When I try to install windows off the disk, it holds me on the setting up installation screen with the same backround as step 2a. Thanks for reading, I appreciate your help!
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  1. Try different RAM. If that does not work, try a new hard-drive.
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