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Random crashing/freezing, tried multiple fixes, almost a year now

  • Windows 7
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September 17, 2012 3:35:41 AM

Hi, so I've been dealing with random crashes/freezing problems for a while now, I don't exactly remember when it might have started but it's become more frequent. I probably had this problem now for about a year now? It crashes in game, on desktop, idling, watching a video, music. At times it'll be fine for weeks (computer continuously on), and sometimes it'll constantly reboot/freeze multiple times a day (about 15m-2 hours between). Not one crash/freeze ended up with a bsod error.

Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-MA770T-UD3P Rev.1.0
CPU - AMD Phenom II X4 965
GPU - Gigabyte GTX 570 SOC Rev.1
Ram - Ripjaws X DDR-1333 PC3-10666 8GB (x2 4gb)
PSU - CM 750W
SoundCard - Xonar D1
Windows 7 ultimate x64
Everything is @stock speeds/voltages with nothing overclocked

It started from maybe one crash/freeze a month to a couple times a day now (most frequent since launch of gw2), it's still random and I can not reproduce it, but "mostly" happens while playing gw2 or league of legends. So far I've RMA'd my GPU, HDD, Motherboard, PSU. I've replaced my cpu fan with a CM hyper 212+. Everything sits in an antec 300 case with 2 intakes & 2 exhausts fans. Ambient temp in my room is around 79f (with the a/c on). I've concluded that nothing is overheating, temps and logs show while playing gw2, cpu peaks at 49c, gpu peaks at 56c. +10-15c to both temps while stressing under prime95 and furmark, which is pretty normal under testing. I've also ran memtest for a couple hours at different timings without any errors.

At first when I decided to try and fix this problem, I found that one of my HDD's had bad sectors. On the bad HDD the event log was showing after every crash/freeze AODDriver 4.01 along with kernel-power (41). I used Acronis to move the image to a working HDD ,but the crashes still persisted, this time event log showing windows media network sharing service failed before kernel-power.

I ended up doing a complete format only installing the essentials (mobo drivers, nvidia drivers, and sound card drivers) and only installed gw2. I played for about a 2 days without any crashes so I decided to install other software that I use. Everything was fine until last night (about another 2 days without crashing after installing my other software) when my computer started crashing/freezing again, this time showing nothing except the standard kernel-power critical in event log.

I'm at a loss for whats causing it, I've replaced multiple hardware parts, I've ran multiple tests (prime95/furmark/memtest) all passing. I reformatted with only essentials installed but the crashes still occur. Anyone have any other ideas I can check or try? I've been working on trying to fix this problem for the past 3 weeks now, replaced the parts mentioned above to no avail and to my knowledge no driver conflicts. :( - Pic of case, there's no cluster@#$% of cables.

Sorry for TL;DR, really wanted everything covered.

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September 17, 2012 3:59:56 AM

One thing you could check is good stable power at the wall outlet, you would have to use an analog volt meter for this check as a DVM does not react fast enough.
September 18, 2012 4:52:52 AM

knightdog56 said:
One thing you could check is good stable power at the wall outlet, you would have to use an analog volt meter for this check as a DVM does not react fast enough.

Thanks for your input, I checked the outlets and they're reading around 120v. I ordered a new surge protector to replace my old one, just came in today, I'll see how it goes.
September 18, 2012 5:18:44 AM

Just had another hard hang within 5 minutes of playing gw2 :\ Trying to find the stop error code
October 5, 2012 11:52:05 PM

Can you try a different power supply to see if there is any difference? Maybe borrow one from a friend.