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I'm shopping for the best possible gaming system I can get ahold of for $2200. I'm currently considereing Alienware's Area 51 but i've been told the NForce chips aren't the best and that I should go for Intel. I'm fairly computer savy but most of that leans to the hardware and networking side so I have very little hardware oriented knowledge. Any help choosing a new computer, suggestions for companies to check out or specific models would be great.

I'm looking to be able to play games like Fallout and Warhammer Online, and to as much as possible future proof the computer so I'll be able to upgrade it later if something cool comes down the pipe.

Necessary features:

Quad core, 4 gigs of RAM, ability to dual graphics cards (though not necessarily shipped with dual cards in place).

Thanks for any help!
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  1. I'd say build your own or find somebody to build it for you. $1500 in parts, and a tip to the builder should build you a nice system.

    my new system was only about 1350 w\ a q9450, 2gb ddr3, 2x 150gb raptors, water cooling, and 2 hd 3870's.

    only buy an alienware if you have $5000 you just really want to set on fire and get less then half of what you pay for.
  2. i have a modded box that has alienware program on it. 5 hard drives,can change any game to your specs. all my friends say it faster than any computer.i have mulitiple controllers.have hidef cables and plenty of extras. interested?
  3. I'd say build it yourself. It's a worthwhile experience, and is significantly cheaper than prebuilt.
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