New tv, dvd quality sucks now.

I just got a new tv, this one to be exact

My old tv was some crappy 14" that I had for a long time. This new tv works great and looks fine except when I play dvds, for some reason the dvd quality is piss poor. It's just low quality, you can't really see the close up texture, like when you watch a camera version dvd. Any ideas at all might be wrong? I'm connecting it using the standard red, yellow, white cables.

Also what's the difference between hd, hdi, s-video, pc/cb, pr,cr.

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  1. The smaller the TV, the better the picture. Using the standard cables as you are will get you the worst picture. Use red, blue, green for progressive scan on DVD's or, better yet, HDMI so you can "up convert" to HD "quality".
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